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"The vast reservoir of information is why
Matthew Lesko
 is a success."
 New York Times


"Matthew Lesko
is becoming the
Federal Government's
best advance man
since Uncle Sam."
USA Today

"Matthew Lekso
 has carved a niche for himself…as the guy
who knows where to
ask the questions,
especially when the
answers involve
government programs
and money."
Albany Times Union


Matthew Lesko is
"The guru of
government giveaways" Washington Post


"His (Matthew Lesko's)
knowledge helps
him find answers in
unlikely places."
 Wall Street Journal


Matthew Lesko
"Knows more about government than most
 of its high-level
Chicago Sun Times

 "Matthew Lesko clowns
 around because it’s fun
and  it draws attention
 to  his books, which
contain tons of
serious information."
 The Indianapolis Star


"Matthew Lesko
has dedicated his life
to the motto:
The best things in life
are free"
CNN News


"The vast reservoir of information is why
Matthew Lesko
is a success."
 New York Times

Matthew Lesko

New York Times Best Seller Author
and Government Money Consultant to Fortune 500 Companies

Government Giveaways For Entrepreneurs IV


Those Who Know About The Programs....
Get The Money!

Discover over 9,000 Sources of Money,  Help and Information To Start Or Expand Your Business.

Each year over 1 million entrepreneurs get money from the government to start or expand a business. Learn how to get government grants, loan, loan guarantees, and government contracts. As well as how to get free management consulting help, free help to prepare a business plan, free help with your invention, free marketing help, free legal help, free technical help and even free tax help. H. Ross Perot, Donald Trump, Paul Newman, and even Nike Shoes used government money to help their businesses and you should too.

  • 80 sources of federal money for entrepreneurs

  • over 3,000 sources of state money and help for entrepreneurs

  • over 700 sources of money for real estate

  • how to make big money getting government contracts

  • special money for women entrepreneurs

  • free information on your competitors

  • free marketing information to make your company grow

  • government auctions and surplus property

  • listing of venture capitalists

  • free money and help for inventors"


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