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"The vast reservoir of information is why
Matthew Lesko
 is a success."
 New York Times


"Matthew Lesko
is becoming the
Federal Government's
best advance man
since Uncle Sam."
USA Today

"Matthew Lekso
 has carved a niche for himself…as the guy
who knows where to
ask the questions,
especially when the
answers involve
government programs
and money."
Albany Times Union


Matthew Lesko is
"The guru of
government giveaways" Washington Post


"His (Matthew Lesko's)
knowledge helps
him find answers in
unlikely places."
 Wall Street Journal


Matthew Lesko
"Knows more about government than most
 of its high-level
Chicago Sun Times

 "Matthew Lesko clowns
 around because it’s fun
and  it draws attention
 to  his books, which
contain tons of
serious information."
 The Indianapolis Star


"Matthew Lesko
has dedicated his life
to the motto:
The best things in life
are free"
CNN News


"The vast reservoir of information is why
Matthew Lesko
is a success."
 New York Times

Matthew Lesko Free health Care and dental insurance.

Matthew Lesko
has done it again!

Free Health Care! Free Medical Info! Free Prescription Drugs! Free Dental Care! and More.

Over 6,000 Free Health Sources...
Available For Any Age and Any Income

Why pay for treatment at a local hospital...
when some of the best doctors in the world get over $10 Billion in government money to perform procedures and operations for free?

Why pay $200 to a doctor to answer a health question...
when you can get better answers from a FREE medical researcher who spends a lifetime and millions of dollars studying just your disease? They can tell you what will be in the medical journals next year because they are financing the research today.

Why pay the high cost of prescription drugs...
when you can be making $40,000 or more a year and get your prescription drugs for free?

Why spend money on health books at the book store...
when you can get FREE books, pamphlets and even videos that are more complete and more up-to-date?

Why pay for a medical visit when you're unemployed or without insurance...
when you can get free treatment right near your home?

Why be harassed by a hospital for not paying a bill...
when you can show that the hospital has to treat you for free if you can't afford to pay?

Why pay for expensive dental care...
when there are government programs that offer the same services by even the same doctors for free or at 80% discount?

Includes all the names, addresses, and telephone numbers you need to get:

  • Free medical care by the best doctors in the world
  • Free health care at your hospital
  • Free medical programs for the elderly, disabled and low income
  • Free health care for children
  • Free care at hospital emergency rooms
  • Best places for handicapped and disabled
  • Free and low cost dental care
  • Free prescription drugs
  • Free health care publications and videos
  • Free health experts

How Average Taxpayers Can Save Money, Heartache, Pain and Even Their Lives With Free Government Health Sources

Written By The "Guru Of Government Giveaways" Matthew Lesko has 25 years of experience educating everyone from Fortune 500 companies to average taxpayers about government grant programs. Two of his books have been on the New York Times Best Seller Lists. Two have received awards from the American Library Association. He has written syndicated columns for The New York Times, The Chicago Tribune and Good Housekeeping Magazine and has been a regular on TV talk shows including Larry King, The Today Show, Jay Leno's Tonight Show and Oprah.

New York Times says... "The vast reservoir of information is why Matthew Lesko is a success."

"A must for everyone looking for the best health care for their family."

602 pages
Only $19.95

Matthew Lesko "Mr Info" Homepage.

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